Link Power's partnership in Plastic Collection and Recycling


In a bid to address the global plastic pollution crisis, Link Power is proud to announce its latest initiative – a comprehensive plastic collection, recycling, and credit generation project. Collaborating with forward-thinking companies, our goal is to identify and support projects that qualify for plastic credits generation and follow them along the way. One of our clients has taken the lead with a remarkable plastic collection and recycling project, showcasing the transformative potential of sustainable waste management.


The Project Overview:

This project encompasses every facet of responsible waste management, from collection to recycling, with a keen focus on generating plastic credits. The key components of the project include:



Installation of Waste Separation Containers:

The first step involves the strategic placement of waste separation containers in designated areas. This sets the stage for efficient waste sorting, laying the foundation for a circular and sustainable system.

Collection and Transportation:

These separation containers are diligently collected from landfills, preventing plastic from being consigned to uncontrolled disposal. The waste is then transported to a waste sorting plant, minimizing the environmental impact of plastic waste.




Waste Sorting Process:

At the sorting plant, advanced technologies are employed to segregate different types of plastics effectively. This step ensures that the collected plastic can be processed efficiently, maximizing the potential for recycling.




Recycling into PET Flex and Film Granule:

The heart of the project lies in the recycling process, where collected plastic is transformed into valuable resources. The installation of a PET line, cleaning line, and granulation line in 2020, coupled with a full renovation in 2021, ensures optimal efficiency in recycling operations.

Voluntary Commitment and Future Investments:

This project is not merely a response to regulatory requirements; it is a voluntary commitment to making a positive environmental impact. With additional support garnered from the sales of plastic credits, the client plans strategic investments aimed at furthering the initiative's reach and effectiveness.



Link Power's Plastic Collection, Recycling, and Credit Generation Project exemplify a holistic approach to tackling plastic pollution. By transforming waste into valuable resources and actively pursuing further investments, this initiative sets a new standard for corporate responsibility. It not only generates plastic credits but also demonstrates the potential for businesses to be catalysts for positive environmental change. As we applaud our client's commitment to a sustainable future, we anticipate that this project will inspire others to join the movement towards a circular and responsible approach to plastic waste management.